Though the Club of Notes is primarily a business enterprise and a network of producers of personalised promotional products made of self-adhesive paper, its members never forget about charity and community service. These aims are addressed by the Club of Kids.

What is the Club of Kids?

The main objective of this noble initiative is to collect funds among the affiliates of the Club of Notes and conduct charitable activities for one of the most important children’s homes in Thailand – Baan Than Namchai. Although donations can be sent to a special bank account throughout the year, typically the most funds are collected at an auction held during the Club of Notes convention. We can’t possibly not mention that our friend Maciej has been managing auctions with great success for two years now, effectively encouraging the participants to reach deeper inside their pockets 😉.

The Baan Than Namchai Foundation

The Baan Than Namchai Foundation (orphanage) was established in Khao Lak after a tsunami occurred in the Indian Ocean on the 26th of December, 2004 – it was the most destructive tsunami that had ever hit Thailand. The “tsunami children” have grown up since then, but the orphanage still takes care of orphans and children abandoned by their parents. There are currently about 100 children of various age – from a few months to 18 years – residing there. We’ve been able to familiarise ourselves with some of their profiles thanks to the recently-launched Club of Kids newsletter, prepared by Heike Crotty. She visited the orphanage last year and collected detailed information regarding the residents and the conditions in which they live. Her report showed us just how much good is done in the Baan Than Namchai orphanage (you can read more about the foundation here. Thanks to her account, we could see how the water system – funded by the Club of Notes – helped improve the quality of life of the children residing there. We can’t wait to read more good news from Heike!

Our activities

Our commitment to the Club of Kids was a natural consequence of prior decisions and actions. As PromoNotes, we strive to the best of our ability to support worthy and ambitious initiatives (like supporting young athletes during international competitions), and to actively participate in continuing long-lasting support programmes. Such as the Club of Kids and the Baan Than Namchai orphanage.